Volador is a very nice longboard brand. In fact, they have some of the most popular and best-selling longboards on the market. They have dancing longboards, pintail longboards, cruisers, freeride boards, and just about any great longboards you can find. Their philosophy is that they only build longboards that they want to ride. Otherwise, they wouldn’t design them. The nice thing about Volador longboards is that they are super affordable. Part of the reason is that Volador doesn’t have to spend thousands of dollars to rent physical stores. We can’t wait any longer. Let’s check out this cool brand!

Volador Longboard


Volador longboards are reasonably priced. You’ll find most of their boards around $50 and $60. This is super sweet for beginners and intermediate riders. Compared to high-end brands like Sector 9 or Arbor, this price is nice. It’s not too cheap, however. This ensures that you get the very best bits out of your board without being ripped off. (more…)...